We are located in a small town in Orange, Ma. We started our family business in '03.
We have successfully breed some wonderful foals on our farm with super sweet temperament.
Currently standing at stud is our Egyptian Sired stallion
SI Prince Ali Shiraz. We are also proud to have an exquisite
Straight Egyptian Al-Khamza mare
SI Shadan El Zahra. Our horses have some of the most revered and respected lines
in the world. Through our stallion we are preserving the legacy & bloodline of the world legendary stallion
 Ruminaja Ali,
Nazzer, Fakher Al Din, Shaikh Al Badi, Morafic, Hamdam, Khofo,The Egyptian Prince, Nizam & more of the wonderful
lines runs through the veins of our horses.
The spirit of the Arab is like the wind;Try as you might,you cannot capture it
but if your still enough it will enter your heart & capture your soul...
Tom & Fran Bonenfant ~ owner
Farm 978 544 1956 Cell 508 965 2280
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